The Human Powered Toy Helicopter That Never Needs Charging

They're undeniably fun, but all remote control toys—particularly those that fly—have one very unfortunate downside in common: they all run out of power too quickly. Whether it's gas or batteries, they'll all be grounded before you're done having fun. But not this tiny flying propeller.

Made with a carbon fiber shaft so it's strong but lightweight, this tiny chopper—measuring just two-and-a-half inches tall—takes flight with a snap of your fingers. There's no chargers or gas cans needed, it flies for as long as you've got the energy to launch it. And for $5 who cares if it crashes and burns on one fateful flight? If you're worried you might easily destroy it, just get the two-pack for $8 which ensures you've got a backup just in case. [ThinkGeek]


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