The Ingenuity of Thailand During Their Massive Flood Is Very Impressive

I don't want to make light of a tragedy because the floods in Thailand have been worse than imaginable. The flooding has killed over 500 people, caused $5 billion in damage and has been ongoing since mid-summer. It's a sad, sad state of life. But instead of giving up, the people of Thailand are adapting. And it's awesome to see.

I think these clever hacks—some being absolutely hilarious, others being super resourceful and all being useful—speaks to the survival nature of humans. Create to survive. Check out all the so bat-shit-crazy-it-works pictures of Thailand floods over at Thai Flood Hacks. [Thai Flood Hacks]


That's a bridge made from shopping carts and wooden pallets so people can still hit the grocery store and grab what they need without getting wet. Who needs carts when they're barely above water level, right? Getty Photo

Sure man's best friend can swim but all that doggy paddling gets 'em tired! Rope up some giganto water bottles to act as flotation devices and save Spot some energy.


Sinking cars in a flood is worse than mixing oil and water so why not wrap the ol' bucket up in plastic and float it with a wooden plank. It has to be a pretty awesome feeling to feel like you can lift a car (aside from the flood and destruction around you, of course). AP Photo




And of course, the most ingenious man of them all, the man who figured out how to have a drink. If you close your eyes and drown out the chaos, it must feel like a hot tub in paradise. Props. I want to drink with you.

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