The Internet Has Over 30 Words For 'Pregnant'

Yahoo Answers contains some of the best and brightest treasures on the world wide web. YouTuber J.T. Sexkik created this beautiful supercut that demonstrates the elasticity of the English language.

  1. Am I Pregant?
  2. Am I pragnent?
  3. Am i pargant?
  4. Am i gregnant?
  5. Am i pegnate?? Help!?
  6. Is there a possibly that i’m pegrent?
  7. Am I pregegant or am I okay?
  8. Could I be pregonate?
  9. How do I know if I’M prengan?
  10. Can i be prregnant????
  11. Can u get pregante...?
  12. Can u bleed while u are pergert?
  13. Can u down a 20 foot waterslide pegnat?
  14. How can i get my gf pragnet?
  15. What happen when get pergenat?
  16. How can a nineyear old get prangnet?
  17. Will my get pragnan?Is there any pill for aboration?
  18. What is the best time to sex to be come pregnart?
  19. Does any one know how many teens get bregant a year????
  20. Are these systoms of being pregarnt?
  21. Girlfriend aint had period since she got pregat?
  22. Is it possible having sex to a 8 months fregnant?
  23. If a women has starch masks on her body does that mean she has been pargnet before.?
  24. My circle is nomal,but yet i still dont get peegnant.what can i use.?
  25. Has anybody got pergnut by just precum while using birth control? Preferable the shot?
  26. Did most you women FEEL pgrenant before find out?
  27. I am praganant last 5 week so can i start sex?
  28. Dangerops prangent sex? will it hurt baby top of his head?
  29. Me and my boyfriend are tying to get prefnat and j havent took my birth control in 12 days?
  30. 38+2 weeks pregananant?
  31. I think my dog is pregernet?
  32. Can i get prengt if he had a comdom on?
  33. How long can u go being prognant to get an abortian?
  34. I think I’m pretnet with my 14th child? The test was ghetto..what is your opione?

After typing all those out, this seems very sinister. All these people went to Yahoo Answers because they needed medical help. Then again, the correct spelling for pregnancy is literally written about most of the questions, meaning the people who wrote them out saw and ignored the correct spelling of the word “pregnant.” Regardless, we need a better education system in our country.

Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.


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