Illustration for article titled The iPad Air 2 Has Its Own SIM So You Change Carriers Whenever You Want

Want an iPad Air 2 on LTE but don't want to tie lock yourself into an iPad-lifelong relationship with a single carrier? You are in luck. The iPad Air 2 comes with its own SIM card so you can play the field. At least the part of the field that doesn't include Verizon.


As 9to5Mac points out, data-enabled versions of the iPad aren't often subjected to the typical two-year contract rules that phones are, but that hardly matters if your device is locked to a carrier. It limits your choice to "on" or "off." But with the iPad Air 2 you can go from AT&T to T-Mobile and back again if you want, which is good because choice is always good, but especially because iPads have pretty absurdly long lives; you might still be using that iPad Air 2 a good four years down the line!

The one catch is that Verizon's network (and Verizon's network only) is not supported by this fancy new feature. Sorry guys, but you're probably used to missing out. For everyone else, it's a whole wide world of freedom. Freedom to break up with your carrier now, later, or never. [9to5Mac]

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