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The iPhone 5 Already Has a Two Week Wait for Shipping

Illustration for article titled The iPhone 5 Already Has a Two Week Wait for Shipping

Wow. If you weren't fast enough to grab a pre-order on when it first started an hour or so ago, you're going to have to wait a little bit to get that new iPhone. You have to wait two more weeks, to be specific. All iPhone 5 orders on now show a ship time of 2 weeks as opposed to the September 21st launch date.


That was QUICK. We hope you pre-ordered your iPhone 5 early! And if not, hopefully those who want an iPhone can finagle one from Wal-Mart or Best Buy or Radio Shack or a carrier store on launch day so they don't have to wait. Good luck! [Apple]

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Thank GOD I do NOT care about the same looking cellphone! PHEW! :D Im so glad MY phone wi NOT look exactly like everybody else's xD When is this elephant going to be pointed out in between iPhone users? Its like wearing the same tshirt every day with 2/5 people standing around you daily lol