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The iPhone Keyboard Might Suck, But This Ain't a Whole Lot Better

Illustration for article titled The iPhone Keyboard Might Suck, But This Aint a Whole Lot Better

This is like a half-assed version of the future: You'll plug your com into a keyboard and monitor, but we'll have to settle for an iPhone and Apple keyboard for now:


Update: We're actually having some lingering doubts about the authenticity of the vid now—the zoom-out, zoom-in, so you can't actually see the typing very well, the lack of a Bluetooth icon or connection process. Can anyone give us some more evidence either way? [Ubiqkom via CG]

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There is a VNC server icon in the top (called veency on cydia). Which means the keyboard is connected to a PC running a VNC client, controlling their iphone from that.