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The Latest Pokémon Merchandise Trend? Pokémon Butts.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Pokémon’s huge reach means that in Japan, it appears everywhere—plastered over trains, on food, on clothes, and in all sorts of toys and plushies and whatnot. That’s not the crazy part. That part is this new line of official toys, which literally is a collection of the severed rear ends of a variety of Pokémon.

The Pokémon company announced the range—called the “Hip Pop! Parade”, because that sounds better than “POKÉBUTTS”—recently as a new series of merchandise for Pokémon Centre stores in Japan and the US. Although the promo art for the collection features the front halves of the starring Pokémon in the line, rest assured, the merch itself is all butts.


There are about fifty billion officially recognised Pokémon (okay, more like 718), but only six are being used for the new line: Piplup, Growlithe, Swablu, Buzel, Azumarill, and fan favorite Pikachu. The butts of said Pokémon—and sometimes their faces, as the general gist seem to be that these cute little critters are trying to burst through a surface, but get stuck halfway through—feature in a variety of forms. Plushie butts? Check. Keyrings of butts? Check. Magnets of butts? Check.


We can go further though. Men and Women’s underwear with Pikachu’s butt emblazoned on the butt? Check, check, and check.

For the love of god, someone stop the Pokémon company. Stop them before it’s too late, and they unleash a cavalcade of monster butt merchandise on us all.


If you find yourself yearning for some Pokémon butts, currently the Hip Pop! Parade line is only going to be available in Japanese Pokémon Centres from October 10th. You might have to wait to while to see if the US-based stores get some of these Poké—derrière delights.

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