The Life of a Modern Day Knife Maker Who Still Makes Knives By Hand Is Fascinating

Made By Hand, a documentary series of people who still, um, make things by hand, recently featured Joel Bukiewicz, a modern day knife maker who started Cut Brooklyn, a wonderful shop for handmade knives. In his featurette, Bukiewicz shows the process and immense detail he puts into every single knife.


His story is amazing—he was originally a writer but hated the creative payoff—but it's the humble passion he has for his craft that resonates with me. Watch him, he's meticulous in every move he makes but is also completely unassuming about his skill too. It's real, authentic, hand made.

After watching Joel do his thing, I know where I'm going to buy my next knife. [Made By Hand via The Awesomer]


Interesting video but there is an issue about making kitchen knives that is not mentioned but is important for a Chef: the weight and the balance of the knife. Also a good knife not only cuts well, the finish prevent cut elements to stick to the blade and it keeps its edge. According to its use, the blade must have the perfect level of flex (like a fillet knife). This gentleman probably learned a lot by hanging around with chefs. A kitchen knife is not a hunting knife.