The Light Mine Pro Explodes with Luminosity

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When you're under your car's hood, getting light where you need it is imperative but keeping it there can be nearly impossible. Assistants get bored, Mag-lights roll off fenders, and safety glasses only point where your head does, not where you're looking. The Light Mine Pro, however, sticks and shines exactly where you need it.

Building on the popularity of the original Light Mine, Risk Racing has has introduced the Light Mine Professional. It's larger than the first—roughly the size of a baseball—with eight times the brightness and four times the battery life. The Light Mine Pro is based on the design of undersea mines but, instead of each post containing a detonator, it holds a neodymium magnet. This allows it to attach to any part of your car's underbelly with either three or four magnetic feet. It includes eight Lumen Tech LEDs in its front white lens and another four on the rear red lens—you know, for night vision. The LED's themselves have four output settings—a low-power spotlight, a high-power flood light, low-glare red, and high-power red hazard. The Light Mine Pro retails for $20 on Amazon. [7 Gadgets]