The Man in the High Castle Gets Another Season and Another Showrunner

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon

Amazon’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s story is going strong, so it’s no surprise that the show’s been renewed for a third season. And with that third season comes a new—and hopefully permanent—showrunner.


Eric Overmyer, who has already developed and produced an Amazon show (Bosch), is being brought in to replace Frank Spotnitz, who created the TV adaptation but left The Man in the High Castle in the middle of season two. Spotnitz’s departure was framed by Amazon as being geography-based,as Spotnitz lives in Paris, the show is filmed in Vancouver. However, the abrupt nature of the change, which happened while season two was still in production and caused them to halt while everything was sorted out, implies that it was a little more than that. Reports indicate that Spotnitz and Amazon did not get along.

Presumably, Overmyer’s history with Amazon makes it think that picking him will be smoother. And, it should be noted, season two of The Man of the High Castle didn’t even have a permanent showrunner after Spotnitz left—all the other producers were tasked with picking up the job.

According to Amazon, The Man in the High Castle is its biggest hit, despite the behind-the-scenes problems. There was never much of a chance that the show wouldn’t get a third season. Now all that remains to be seen is what changes, if any, Overmyer will bring to the series.



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