The Mighty Ducks Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Andy Williams was one to something when he was talking with all that "it's the most wonderful time of the year" business. Except I don't really follow when he veers off into "holiday greetings" and "gay happy meetings." I only think winter is wonderful because of hockey.


Every year, at least once during the hockey season, I watch the original The Mighty Ducks and in both my six-year-old mind and 26-year-old mind, it is the perfect film. I wanted to be Charlie Conway, the stud power forward who leads a team of underdogs against the dreaded Hawks. It is right up there with Miracle and Slap Shot as one of the best hockey movies every made. Granted, there are a few weird things about the film. Why is Jack Reilly so creepily obsessed with Pee Wee hockey? Why does Coach Bombay still have waking nightmares about a breakaway shot he missed decades ago? The kids seem like the most well-adjusted people in this movie.

But regardless of its shortcomings, I love it all the same. I have a feeling its one reason why I played hockey for almost 12 years, and any film that can actually motivate kids to pick up a sport deserves some love and affection. However, Netflix has put an expiration date on The Mighty Ducks for Jan. 1, so it looks like I'll be busy tonight.


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Chip Skylark of Space

Little Charlie Conway wanted to grow up so he could be an FBI consultant and work with people like Agent Olivia Dunham.





Me too.