The Most Detailed Apple Tablet Rumors Yet: Coming January 19

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January 19, 2010. That's when iLounge says the Apple tablet will be announced by. And it'll go onsale in May or June, like the iPhone.


iLounge has a trove of new rumor about the Apple tablet. Briefly, they say it runs iPhone OS, and that there will be two tablets—one with 3G and one without—with about 7x the touchable surface area as the iPhone, with a resolution that's high enough to read books, magazines and "cropped" newspaper pages. Which is what it's supposedly designed to do: Replace books and magazines, while being a better media player and web browser than the iPhone.

Interestingly, they say that the original tablet had a 7-inch screen, but it was deemed too small, and the latest version is 10.7 inches. (Which differs slightly from the "consistent" 9.7 inches coming out of the Asian trade magazines for the last few months.)

But they also say there's still a 20 percent chance that Steve Jobs will kill it. Again. So, uh, fingers crossed, guys! [iLounge]


For the love of all things holy, Apple - release the damn tablet so we can finally end all of the gawd awful rumors! It's a tablet computer, something that has been made by just about every computer manufacturer in the known universe - except Apple. I suspect Acer will release a new tablet in the next few months, but we won't chat about that. Why do we care so much about this over-priced Apple Frisbee? Because it has been delayed a billion years? Because Apple is sociably late to the tablet gala ball? Because we just need to make jokes about Microsoft and Apple?

Look, I don't care what the real answer is. Whatever it might be — please, Apple — release the damn thing. Let's get this done. Please. I beg you. Because, much like a nasty train wreck, I just can't turn my attention away.