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The Most Unbelievably Terrible Police Wanted Composites

Illustration for article titled The Most Unbelievably Terrible Police Wanted Composites

If your only exposure to the art of compiling police composites comes from CSI or NCIS or ASDFJKL, you might think that modern law enforcement is all supercomputers and enhance machines. If only.


After an especially pathetic effort by Bolivian police last week, the Mirror put together some of the most dreadful digital depictions of suspects in recent history, as well as a few hold-on-what-the examples of why old fashioned sketching might not be much better. [Mirror via Fark]

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I went down to the local PD the other day and saw an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion disc sitting on the "sketch artist" desk. When I asked him what it was for he told me the character face design screen at the beginning of the game was his drawing software.

Interpreted in light of that these sketches are actually really lifelike.