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The Mystery of iPod Nano Spy Photos

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Yesterday we said that the leaked iPod nano shot looked real to us. After all, Apple seems to be going through its curved surfaces and tapered edges period. This new shot of this old-green-lime colored one however is a completely different beast. • First, the proportions in the green one are all wrong compared to the orange one. Even counting the perspective, the first unit seems to have a much smaller wheel, with a bigger middle button. It's also farther away from the bottom of the iPod. Finally, the screen doesn't seem so elongated as the green unit. • The surfaces are also different. The orange nano is clearly curved, while the green one is clearly flat. The button in the orange one follows the curve of the surface, while the button in the green one is clearly receded, like in the old nanos. With that side lighting, a curved surface would be obvious in the image. This one is clearly flat. • The rounded corners on the orange iPod screen are bigger and more obvious than in the old one. • Finally, the faker of the green iPod forgot to put a short ended iPod cable in the shot, using the old style one. Our theory is that: a) The original MacNN shot, which they obtained, may very well be the real McCoy. b) The J.R. guy removed the MacNN watermark and reposted it in some forums, looking for some kind attention. c) The same J.R. guy tried to keep the attention by faking this shot, but failed to realize the obvious physical differences between the two iPods. d) J.R. is a loser. Update: This just in. We just got a higher resolution image of the iPod without any water marks:

Illustration for article titled The Mystery of iPod Nano Spy Photos

At the end, however, remember our basic rule about rumors: don't trust any of them. We all will have to wait for September 9 to see what's really rocking in Cupertino. [Engadget]

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You know, now that I'm paying more attention to this thing, I see that Apple's also going back on their all-metal design that they touted with the current nano. This new gumstick nano will once again have the plastic end pieces, which is not as good as having the entire thing be two sandwiching metal parts.