The New Apple TV is Coming Next Week

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We knew Apple’s new TV set-top box would be coming soon, but now we’ve got a date.


On stage at the WSJ Live event, CEO Tim Cook said that Apple will be taking orders for the box on Monday, in time for shipping by the end of the week.

The new TV packs a more powerful (and much-needed) A8 processor, along with a touchpad-enabled remote that lets you talk to Siri. On the software side, there’s a real App Store for third-party applications, in the hope that you’ll be using the TV for some casual gaming. $150 gets you the base 32GB model, with the 64GB upgrade costing $200.



Okay, so quick question. I’ll be buying one of these because I love the 2nd gen Apple TV, and I’m pretty invested (for better or worse) in Apple’s ecosystem already.

Because it’s always been a media-streaming device, there’s never been much need for anything beyond the 8GB the older versions have. That’s always been more than sufficient for buffering. I’m assuming that most media will still be streamed to the new Apple TV and that all that extra space will mostly be for whatever you happen to download from the Apple TV app store.

That being the case, I’m guessing that the main thing that could eat up all that extra storage will be huge app downloads (i.e., games). Looking through my iPhone, it seems like my actual, non-gaming apps (most of which wouldn’t be remotely useful on an Apple TV) take up less than 10GB on my phone.

So, my question is whether it makes any sense to buy the 64GB version if you don’t see yourself playing a lot of games on the Apple TV. If anyone sees another use for that extra space (beyond loading it with all your pictures and videos, which seems idiotic), I’m all ears...