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The New Oscars Logo Is Illuminati Catnip

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Trying to "fix" the Oscars with branding is a fool's errand—just you try and put lipstick on a grotesquely excessive, four-hour-long pig. But local creative agency 180LA has done an admirable job, giving the Academy a new look that's as smart as it is simple.

Before and after.

The focal point of the job is the Oscars logo, the original of which suffered from bad typography and a stuffy icon of the statue silhouetted by a gold lozenge. The new logo is a play on negative space: It starts with the "A" of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and cuts out the underside of the letter using the likeness of the statue.


The design comes accompanied by some legitimately beautiful details like the stationary:


We should begin seeing the revamped look within the next moth or two, as the Oscars hype begins. The only problem we could foresee? The endless stream of Illuminati conspiracy videos this thing is likely to inspire... [Brand New]