The New Raspberry Pi: Smaller and Somehow Cheaper

Raspberry Pi has just managed to do what every technology manufacturer should strive to achieve: it made its basic product both smaller and cheaper at the same time.

The new Model A+ is an overhauled version of the company's base offering, the Model A. While it packs the same Broadcom BCM2835 System-on-a-Chip and 256MB of RAM, it's shrunk in size to just 2.6 inches from 3.4 and now costs $20. It also draws less power. Boom, there's how to update a product right there.


Elsewhere, the new board swaps SD storage for MicroSD and adds 14 GPIO (General-purpose input-output) pins—taking the total to 40. You can already buy one right now. [Raspberry Pi Foundation via Engadget]

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