The New Video Game Spider-Man Is Heading to Marvel Comics' Spidergeddon Event

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A few years ago, Marvel launched Spider-Verse, an epic Spider-Man event that brought together the many weird and wonderful versions of Spider-heroes the comics (and beyond) had to offer, for a spider-fanservice quest. Now, Marvel’s bringing them back together again for a far more-ominously titled event: Spidergeddon.

Marvel has now started promoting the event with a big ol’ piece of teaser art depicting a bunch of Spider-Heroes, with one mysteriously blanked out:


Today, that hero was revealed as none other than the star of Sony and Insomniac Games’ upcoming Playstation 4 game, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

As debuted by Polygon, this version of Spider-Man—who, in the game’s world, has been swinging around as Spider-Man for eight years by the start of the game, so he knows his way around a webshooter—will debut in Spidergeddon #0, set to hit shelves this September just a few weeks after the game comes out on September 7. The issue will be written by Christos Gage, one of the co-writers on the new game, and will feature art from Clayton Crain (Gage will also write the main Spidergeddon event, working with artist Jorge Molina).


While we still don’t know just what reunites the Spiders of the Marvel multiverse in Spidergeddon—other than, judging by the title, it’s going to be a pretty dire threat—Gage told Polygon that Insomniac’s Spider-Man will play an intriguing and important role in the series, especially for gamers who’ve played through his debut adventure ahead of the comic’s beginning:

Since I have been writing for the video game for the past three years (along with the ever-amazing Dan Slott, Jon Paquette, and Ben Arfmann), it seemed like a perfect time to bring that Pete into the mix. There are other reasons based in character that make some of the interactions between him and other Spider-folks really juicy and interesting, but I can’t say too much without spoiling the game. It’s great story fodder though — this is definitely not shoehorning a character in where he doesn’t belong. In fact, it seems like an important next step for him.


Considering the game sounds like it’s shaping up to be a blast, it’ll be interesting to see what this video game Spidey has to offer the comics multiverse when Spidergeddon #0 hits shelves September 26.