The Official Mapmaker of Lev Grossman's magical land reveals his secrets

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If you adored the beautiful map of Fillory in the inside covers of Lev Grossman's The Magicians, then there's great news — artist Roland Chambers has created an even lovelier map for the sequel, The Magician King.

There's a fantastic interview with Chambers over at Grossman's site, where he talks about the secret to creating amazing maps (think of the shape first) and explains the painstaking process of creating the sloth you can see in the above image:

I spent ages on the sloth, which I guess is appropriate, mostly watching YouTube videos of sloths attempting cross the road with anxious humans standing by trying to stop them being flattened by trucks. These humans have to be fantastically patient, because it takes a sloth a very long time indeed to cross the road. They are amazingly improbable creatures and I found it really hard to get the feel of them.


The whole interview is well worth checking out. And The Magician King comes out on August 9.