The Only Excuse For Having a Desk Phone in This Day and Age

You probably ditched your home phone years ago, but odds are there's still a landline phone sitting on your desk at work. As satisfying as it is to slam down a handset to drive home a point, it's time to upgrade. And Native Union will help you transition to using your smartphone all the time with its lovely POP Desk phone accessory.

It combines a simple metal smartphone stand with one of those old-timey telephone handsets that connects to the headphone jack of your device. So there's no Bluetooth involved, or other muss and fuss to get it working. Instead of a clamp, the POP Desk uses a flat rubber grip to prevent a phone from sliding off, which means it should work with almost device. And for $50 it should keep your bosses happy while preventing you from looking like a dinosaur. [Native Union via Laughing Squid]


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