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The Original iPad May Not Get iOS 6

Illustration for article titled The Original iPad May Not Get iOS 6

If you have an original iPad, get ready to be orphaned when the new iOS 6 comes out tomorrow. According to Chinese forum WeiPhone, the original iPad will not be supported by Apple's next operating system.


The Chinese site got a list of links with all the OS upgrades that will be available for developers tomorrow. The links are now dead but the same site got the list right last year. There's a high probability that this list is accurate. The original iPad doesn't appear in it. The iPhone 3GS, however, appears to be supported. [WeiPhone via MacRumors]

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This is setting a dangerous precedence for the mobile world if this turns out to be true. A tablet only would be supported for two years before it gets the axe? A Window XP computer can still be upgraded to Windows 7 in most cases, but a tablet that is about 2 years and 2 months old cannot get the latest phone OS (iOS).