The Orville Has Been Renewed for a Third Season

From The Orville.
From The Orville.
Image: Fox

Seth MacFarlane’s loving Star Trek pastiche is sticking around a bit longer.

The Orville, a sci-fi spacefaring series set 400 years in the future with a vibe that’s heavy on the old-school Roddenberry (with less of MacFarlane’s humor than you’d imagine), has been renewed for a third season, Variety reports.


The series, which also stars Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, and Scott Grimes, will be returning to Fox for its third season, set to air, presumably, this fall.

P.S. Fox, if you’re listening, thanks for taking our advice. We have great taste.

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Asking as someone who’s never seen the show: Does it have some sort of symbiotic relationship with Discovery? Like, ST:D is what Star Trek is in 2019, and Orville is what fans wish it was?