The Page: An E-Ink Newspaper That Won't Smudge Your Fingers

Illustration for article titled The Page: An E-Ink Newspaper That Wont Smudge Your Fingers

For some reason I'm skeptical that the one thing keeping newspaper readers from switching to E-Ink readers is the form factor, but that doesn't make this semi-transparent E-Ink newspaper display concept any less cool.

The key word, of course, is concept, but flexible/foldable displays aren't anything new. Nor are interactive content or E-Ink. It's bringing these concepts together in a workable package that might take some time. Meanwhile, though, here's how it would ideally work (without all the wobbly images):


I like it! Except what's with all this New York Times business? Show me what Garden and Gun looks like on this bad boy. Then we'll talk. [Cargo Collective via Design Boom]

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Why is E-ink mentioned? Oh, did you mean E-Paper (electronic paper)?

How many people are so engrossed with the art of news paper folder that we need to keep dragging that relic through the ages? Why not stay even more true to form and replicate both left and right sheets? Stalkers and private investigators will thank you.