The Pudding Machine That Yells At Kids

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You know what kids don't deserve? Free pudding. And you know why? Because they're too damn eager. Puppy dog eyes may work on spineless parents, but they're not gonna move Kraft's stone hearted sample dispenser.

Jell-O's Temptations dessert is being marketed to adults so this vending machine has built-in face recognition to check the age of anyone who approaches. And if you're too young the dispenser will shut down and ask you to step aside without giving you a sample. Rules are rules, people.

Developed by Intel, the dispenser uses facial data, like the size of your eyes and their distance apart, to figure out how old you are. It can also determine gender and whether or not you start smiling once your sample is dispensed. The device does not take or store photos, because that would make this whole idea super creepy. Unlike that smiling thing.


Ed Kaczmarek, Kraft's director of innovation and consumer experiences, says that the machine "has a big gee-whiz factor." Clearly, this marketing experiment is better left to the adults. Today's youngins don't know the first thing about delicious treats or wonderment, much less the meaning of gee-whiz. [USAToday via Eater]