Drop Dead Fred

Who knew imaginary friends were so dirty? Actually, they're not sexually gross, but they love to cuss like a sailor and look up your mother's dress — or as Drop Dead Fred calls her, the Mega Bitch.

Weird Science

Sex, farts, and more dirty talk. People often forget how raunchy this film is, because they watch the edited version on TV. Remember these horny teenagers built a woman to have sex with. Also, Chet is utterly repugnant, which is sort of the point. Plus it has the classic line, "Well, my nuts are halfway up my ass, but other than that I'm perfect."


When Rob Schneider gets all of his insides replaced with animal parts, he wants to hump anything in sight. Not super gross, but just the video of Schneider humping something is enough to turn the strongest of stomachs.

Earth Girls Are Easy

When three furry aliens crash land in Geena Davis' pool it's only a matter of time until she shaves them and starts having sex with at least one of them. Minus points for zero nudity.

What Planet Are You From?

Garry Shandling comes to Earth to get an Earth lady pregnant. Plus his Martian penis vibrates — cue the "what's that sound" montage.

Idle Hands

When you spend all day masturbating and sitting around, it's only a matter of time until the devil uses your hand to murder your friends Seth Green and Jessica Alba. Not super raunchy, but makes up for it with fun violence and undead friends.

Scary Movie, Disaster Movie, Epic Movie Etc.

All of these films are thoroughly disgusting — but not good enough to warrant separate spots. The ghost rape moment in Scary Movie gave me nightmares.


This alien creature feature bobbles between safe and raunchy — right up until the doctor has to ram his prongs up Orlando Jones' ass to pull out an alien.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Songs about sex, touching, partner swaps and murder. Rock Horror has raunch in spades, but miraculously it's always tastefully done


A young Mormon Joe takes a job in porn, as an orgasm-inducing superhero, Orgazmo. Later, he and his partner actually invent the hitherto-fictional orgazmatron, and start zapping people on the streets with the power of love.

Team America and South Park: The Movie

While Team America is on the cusp of science fiction — with its weird super-secret spies with their hover planes and headquarters inside the heads of Mount Rushmore. We didn't feel right leaving it out, or the South Park movie for that matter — so we put them together. Which one is more raunchy? You be the judge. I certainly did cringe/laugh during the Uncle Fucker fart riff, as well as everytime Saddam Hussein surprised Satan with another dildo. But Team America really makes its all-vomit gags feel real, even though it's just puppets.

Warning: NSFW clip below:


Scott Baio is a little geek who gains telekinetic powers. This 1982 film starts off innocently enough, but not a lot of time passes before Baio is ripping the clothes off everyone at the prom. And here's another NSFW clip:

Dr. Alien

High School student Wesley gets injected with an alien formula. Now he has a tentacle on his forehead that drives Earthwomen wild with lust. At least that's how it goes in this film. Clip is NSFW.

One Eyed Monster

Ron Jeremy's dick is possessed by an alien, comes to life, separates from his body and kills all the kids on the porn shoot at a cabin in the mountains. Does anything more really need to be said? The main character is Rob Jeremy's penis.

Tokyo Gore Police

Is TGP shock horror or comedy? Personally I can't take a girl with a penis nose and another with a venus fly trap vagina seriously, so I chose to make it splatter comedy. Possibly just for my own sanity.