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The Real Reason Marlon Wayans Passed On Playing Robin

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We talked superheroes with the all-new "real American heroes," Marlon Wayans and Channing Tatum, and found out the real reason Marlon wasn't cast as Joel Schumacher's Robin — and why he couldn't pull off the "motorcycle in the rain" scene.

You guys had great chemistry in the film. Were there any funny moments we didn't get to see of you two, goofing off as a couple of Joes?


Marlon Wayans: There's some stuff, but we pretty much stuck to the script.

So you guys are toys now...

Wayans: I'm about to go raid Hasbro. I saw this one doll that had the accelerator suit. It's like RoboCop. It was running. I was like, "I need this for my son."


Speaking of RoboCop and science fiction, you guys are really growing in this genre. Were there any superheroes that you two were rumored for, that didn't end up being true?

Wayans: I was actually supposed to play Robin, in Batman Returns, about 15 years ago. But there was too many characters. I was cast, I was paid and everything. I still get residual checks. Tim Burton didn't wind up doing three, Joel Schumacher did it and he had a different vision for who Robin was. So he hired Chris O' Donnell.

Are you happy that you didn't wind up being Robin in that movie?

Wayans: No, look — I get why they picked Chris O' Donnell, because it would be messed up to have Batman and you've got Robin, and his bulge is somewhat bigger than Batman's. Batman would have a serious problem with that.


Channing Tatum: [Laughs] I was rumored to play Captain America. Actually, I would love to play him, but I've read Will Smith is going to do it.

Are there and superheroes you would like to play in the future, since you didn't get to play Robin and you don't think you're up for Captain America?


Tatum: I want to get recast as Snake Eyes.

Wayans: I would like to do the Mask. Jim Carrey did one, Jamie Kennedy did two. I would like to do three.


Tatum: There's a darker superhero called Plucker. I want to do that, badly. I'm trying to set it up now. [Channing is linked to this project as the producer].


Wayans: I want to play Plastic Man — that would be fun too....

In the movie...

Wayans: I want to play the Brown Hornet, from Fat Albert. I want to play the Brown Hornet and be buff on top, and just have really skinny legs. I could get Tracy Morgan to play Stinger.


You guys do a lot of ridiculous stuff in G.I. Joe, what was your favorite moment?


Wayans: Right here [points to Tatum]. We had a great time filming together. On set, off set....

Really? That was more fun that driving a motorcycle through the rain, with sunglasses on?


Tatum: My Top Gun moment? [Laughs].

Wayans: That was so ultimate sexy. I was so like, "oh I wish that was me!" But see here's the difference. White guys in the rain look cool, if I was in the rain my afro would all small, skin would be all dry, it would not be a good sight.