The Rock Understands Shazam's Black Adam Is a Bad Guy, Right?

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Every once in a while, Dwayne Johnson takes a break from his eleventy-hundred different projects to remind us that, ostensibly, at some point, there will be a Shazam movie. But every time he does, the future Black Adam makes me wonder a little more if he realizes he’s chosen to play the villain of the movie.

Our latest Shazam reminder comes courtesy of a new Q&A Johnson did for his YouTube channel this week. The actual question about the movie comes in around the 2:20 mark in the video below:

I love that he starts off as a slave, that he felt like he was wronged. I’ve just loved that backstory. I think that Black Adam has always been, to me, the most intriguing superhero.

The fact that Johnson refers to Black Adam as a superhero is an interesting sentiment. After all, Black Adam has spent most of his long existence in the comics being distinctly villainous and fighting against the heroes of the DC universe—and even when he’s been portrayed as a quasi-antihero, he’s still been quite a nasty dude. I mean, hell, he did start World War 3 after all. He’s committed genocide, and the blood of millions—civilians and heroes alike— is on his hands. His comics career has not exactly been “superheroic.”


Maybe it’s just a slip of the tongue, but I’m starting to wonder if he really thinks that Black Adam will be the star of the show, especially considering there’s still basically no one else attached to Shazam other than Johnson. After all the support he’s given the project, he kind of deserves it!