In this month's GQ, Mark Harris laments the death of the adult drama and the rise of the comic book-remake-prequel-sequel (pick whichever permutation applies). Here, he says, is what we have to look forward to this summer:

four adaptations of comic books. One prequel to an adaptation of a comic book. One sequel to a sequel to a movie based on a toy. One sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a movie based on an amusement-park ride. One prequel to a remake. Two sequels to cartoons. One sequel to a comedy. An adaptation of a children's book. An adaptation of a Saturday-morning cartoon. One sequel with a 4 in the title. Two sequels with a 5 in the title. One sequel that, if it were inclined to use numbers, would have to have a 7 1/2 in the title.


Go read more about the sad state of affairs—and why it's happening now—over at GQ. [GQ]

Original image credit: The City Project