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The SaddleBaby Makes Shoulder Rides Easier, Being a Parent Harder

Illustration for article titled The SaddleBaby Makes Shoulder Rides Easier, Being a Parent Harder

When you're a small kid wishing you were older and taller, nothing beats the experience of riding on an adult's shoulders. Unfortunately, it's not quite as thrilling an experience for the adult. At least without this shoulder-mounted saddle for kids that appears to make things safer for both involved.

The SaddleBaby's contoured padded shoulder seat makes the experience considerably more comfortable for both the child and adult, while a chest strap and velcro ankle grips guarantee the kid's not going to fall off without occupying a parent's hands.


It's almost like a $90 car seat that parents can wear, which guarantees a kid isn't able to run off—but why would they, with a view like that? The only thing missing is some kind of mechanism that makes it easier to hoist kids on and off your shoulders, so here's to hoping future versions are able to integrate some kind of crane. [SaddleBaby via BlessThisStuff]

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If you need a device to carry your child on your shoulders, then maybe, you should not have them up there in the first place. Seriously, it's not that hard.

If it's a long hike then there are dedicated packs for kids that are much better suited and look less like a daddy death-trap than this thing.