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The Samsung Galaxy Note Is Only Appropriate for an Elephant to Use

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Galaxy note, a 5.3-inch plastic and electric goiter of a hybrid crap phablet, hasn't really taken off with the human population. Samsung, in an attempt at cute advertising, paired the "phone" with an elephant. Maybe it's on to something!

If you try to ignore the grinning actress pretending to be playing with this jungle beast, the Note actually looks normal-sized! Normal-sized in comparison to the trunk of a large elephant. Look as the elephant strums a virtual guitar, enjoys the stylus, and even takes pictures! Its trunk is actually able to wrap itself around the phone, like some sort of massive, distended human hand. It looks like it's enjoying itself—and why not? It is a phone designed for giants, and the elephant is a regal giant of the animal kingdom. The next video in this series will be a mouse using the Note as a luxurious bed. [Daily What]