The Sexless Rubbermen Are Back, and They're Hungry

After nearly four years, David Lewandowski has created a new entry in his highly successful rubbermen videos. Now they’re hungry.


Back in 2011, Lewandowski scored a hit with a short video titled “Going to the Store,” in which one impossibly flexible, sexless computerized humanoid traipsed through real world footage—like a Marty Cooper video, only 3D.

27 million views and two years later, he followed it up with “Late for Meeting,” which racked up even more hits and acclaim—and introduced us to the idea of a rubber man driving an upside down car with his ass. God, these are good.

Today, out of the blue, the rubbermen videos become a trilogy with a clip called “Time for Sushi.” Welcome your new baby brother(s), because these Stretch Armstrong-style creatures born and raised deep in the uncanny valley have multiplied at an alarming rate.


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Wayward Apology

Is it just me that thinks this would be funnier if they had big flopping dicks?