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The Silver Surfer Probably Uses these Touch-Sensitive LaCie Starck Drives

Illustration for article titled The Silver Surfer Probably Uses these Touch-Sensitive LaCie Starck Drives

I like the new LaCie Starck drives. I look at its surface and all I want is to dunk carrot cake into all that melty chrome and eat it. It's hard to find storage that you actually want to lick.


The looks are great—with a chrome blob encased in a 3mm sharp-angled box of resistant aluminum casing—but it also has some really cool features. One of them is the LED indicator in the shape of Starck's sign that is projected onto the table. The other, which is my favorite, is that the surface is touch sensitive, so you can assign actions to different kinds of touch. Example: A short tap will trigger the launch of an application, while a long caress can initiate an automatic backup.

In the words of Philippe Starck:

Technological genius explodes exponentially, each time with incredible power whose limits are yet to be known. The power remains, never abating, symbolically characterized by the sculptural magma that one attempts to cleave, to master within this geometrically perfect strongbox. A symbol of strength mastered, of freedom guided, of incandescent magma heeding to the form of its cast. The interpretation is free. But the mystery remains.


See? He wants to lick and dunk a carrot cake in his drives too. Maybe a Krispy Kreme doughnut. OK, Philippe, for $130 (1TB) and $250 (2TB) for the LaCie Start Desktop Drive—my favorite—and $100 (320GB) and $140 (500GB) for the LaCie Starck Mobile Drive, I'm game. [LaCie]

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Looks more like T1000's ottoman.

Don't trust LaCie drives. They use really shitty chipsets in their enclosures that are prone to having mounting issues, and ultimately no mounting at all after repeated attempts.