The Space Cruise Comedy From the Creator of Veep May Become Our New Obsession

Hugh Laurie is the captain of a space cruise ship on Avenue 5.
Hugh Laurie is the captain of a space cruise ship on Avenue 5.
Photo: HBO

Next year, HBO will debut a new comedy about a space cruise, captained by Hugh Laurie, where everything goes wrong. That sentence alone would make most of us watch, but this next one ups the ante even further: It’s created by Armando Iannucci, who did Veep.


The show is called Avenue 5 and if you think about the awkward, hilarious, smart humor of Iannucci’s other work, then filter it through a grand idea like Wall-E, you begin to get the idea. Josh Gad, Suzy Nakamura, Zach Woods, and others are also along for the ride and the first trailer is right here.

Evil Hugh Laurie? Weirdo Josh Gad? A space-cruise that Disney is basically building for real in the next few years? Yeah, we’re on board with this for sure. In fact, we can’t wait.

That trailer is so fun and quirky and beautiful, it feels like it’s for a show that shouldn’t even exist. We’re getting strong Star Trek meets The Poseidon Adventure meets Veep vibes? We guess? The whole thing is almost too weird for words. But that’s what gives us hope.

Avenue 5 debuts in January on HBO.

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