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The Star Wars Prequels Aren't the Only Things George Lucas Messed Up

Illustration for article titled The emStar Wars/em Prequels Arent the Only Things George Lucas Messed Up

Can you forgive George Lucas for Star Wars: Episodes I-III? I can't. But those aren't the only crimes he's committed against mankind. Splitsider offers up eight more reasons why we should despise the Hollywood icon. [Splitsider]


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If you really go back and watch episodes 4-6 and try to turn off the nostalgia filter, I think it's pretty obvious that they really aren't that good. The dialog, the acting, the editing (wipes everywhere). None of it is very good. But you know what? None of that stuff matters to kids, and when you watched it as a kid you felt a certain way that you're just not going to feel when you see a new movie of the same caliber as an adult. You might still feel that way about the old movie, but that's just the rose colored glasses of nostalgia taking effect.

If you ask someone under 12 years old which Star Wars movie is their favorite, you're just as likely to have them respond with one newer ones rather than one of the original ones. That doesn't make them good, necessarily, but then neither were the originals (objectively speaking). The nostalgia for the first 3 will wear off as our generation gets older, and eventually I suspect they'll all be seen in the same light, more or less.

Also, to anyone who wants to complain about Jar Jar: While I can't strictly disagree, I say this to you: Ewoks.