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The Stone Channel: Bill Bailey on LHC, The Raconteurs Play Eden, and Somebody's Nana Grew a Weed Hedge

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Smokable Glass Headphones

Glass artist Joe Blow brings a whole new level of meaning to "in one ear and out the other." [Tumblr]

Bill Bailey on the Large Hadron Collider

Boy, it sure is a good thing we did find the Higgs-Boson in that case, though the walnut whip/cockroach mash-up does sound intriguing.

Sunlight: It's What Plants Crave

The very grow lights your indoor garden depend on may simultaneously be preventing it from thriving. Bulbs and ballasts aren't meant to work forever (save the LED kind) and need to be replaced regularly to avoid degradation of theiry output quality. Big Buds Magazine has some handy tips on how to keep your plants perfectly illuminated, especially now that winter is coming.


An Elderly UK Couple Unknowingly Grew This Massive Pot Bush

You never know what you'll find at car boot sales. Sometimes that three-dollar painting turns out to be a lost Picasso and sometimes that three dollar "houseplant" turns out to be a sticky-icky seedling.


Police in Bedford, England, about 50 miles from London, discovered and seized the plant last Friday and posted the image above on Twitter. Apparently the couple bought the plant from a car boot sale a while back and had tended it into the monstrously impressive bush above. There's no word yet on how the police found the shrub or whether the couple will face any charges. [Business Insider - Image: the AP]

The Raconteurs - The Eden Sessions (2008)

Who needs a Seven Nation Army when he can channel the power of gods of Rock?