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The Stoner Channel: Armored Pipes, Smart Stash Boxes, and Idiot-Proof Lighter Storage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

PSA: Marijuana Is Fun and Enjoyable and Therefore Is the Devil

Oh god, people smoking pot, dancing, and generally enjoying themselves. THE HORROR. [Buzzfeed]


The Bowl Band Keeps Lighters Handy When Not in Your Hands

Lighters have an uncanny ability to disappear the second you take your eyes off of them. Down the couch cushions, hiding in the fridge, or simply vanished into thin air, all matters is that there will be no more smoking until you find the incindiery SOB. But with the Bowl Band, your lighter will never go far. This band wraps around the neck of your piece and securely holds your lighter with magnetic force. They retail for $10 at Cannovations. h/t Zach Linn


The Night Sky Through the Eyes of a Fish

In order to properly capture the Perseid and Leonid meteor showers in the skies above Alsace, France earlier this month, photographer Stephane Vetter took the unusual step of outfitting his Nikon D3 with a Sigma 8 mm fisheye lens. The result is a gorgeous full-sky view of one of our most beautiful celestial events. [It's Okay to Be Smart]

It's a Stash Box Made by German Convicts

Much like the smoCAN unifies travel smoking accessories, the Incognitox is an all-in-one joint production station. These wooden boxes feature storage space for your herb, papers, crutches, and the various other trays and pokers needed to roll a proper J. And, it's handmade by German convicts, yhou know, if that sort of thing affects your buying decisions. The Incognitox retails for €60 (plus S&H) on its website.


This Glass Pipe Wears a Suit of Aluminum Armor

Glass pipes smoke cooler and taste cleaner than aluminum ones but comes at the price of structural stength and durability. The Prometheus line by Pyptek, however, combines the best of both of these technologies by sheathing a glass pipe in an aircraft-grade aluminum scabbard. The metal case separates, allowing for easy access to the interior glass portions. The smaller Prometheus Pocket comes in five colors and retails for $88 over at Grasscity while the larger Prometheus Titan runs $148. h/t Rob Turner