The Stoner Channel: Blue Giants, Texas Checkpoints, and Other Things You Should Have Seen Coming

Paul McCartney Live in Mexico 2012

It must be all sorts of awesome to be so wealthy that you can pay off your psycho ex to the tune of $235 million and know, in your heart of hearts, that you're still richer than God and Tiger Woods combined.

Bath Salts: The Giving Tree of Psychotic Breaks

If, for some reason, you're still on the fence with this whole "do I want to run the risk of turning into a naked, face-eating zombie for a quick fix" Bath Salts debate, read this interesting little nugget from PBS Newshour:

Early on, doctors began noticing something else that was strange. Compared with other drugs, bath salts didn't follow a normal dose-response pattern. With cocaine or methamphetamine, the drug entered the bloodstream, and, within hours, began to wear off. Not so for bath salts. "Some patients were in the hospital for 5 days, 10 days, 14 days," Ryan said. "In some cases, they were under heavy sedation. As you try to taper off the sedation, the paranoia came back and the delusions."

Unless you've got the next two weeks free, do yourself a favor and read this incredible expose in its entirety. Then, have your friends read it too. Then, go smoke a goddamn joint and stop looking for things in your bathroom to crush up and snort. I mean, honestly. [PBS NH via Boing Boing]

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CBD Might Kill Cancer

We've known for a while that a cannabis-produced chemical, CBD, is largely responsible for alleviating pain and nausea without causing the familiar fun high (basically the Yin to THC's Yang). However a pair of researchers have recently announced that CBD may do much more than that. Sean McAllister and Pierre Desprez from the California Pacific Medical Center's Research Institute in San Francisco believe they've found evidence that CBD also effectively silences the gene that instigates tumor propagation. Check out the rest of the story here. [Big Buds]

Calvaire Fruite

There is nothing about this CGI animated short that isn't completely awesome. Bet you can't spot the TIE fighter. [Neatorama]

Fiona Apple: Former Music Star, Future Felon

Got dammit celebrities, it's easy. When your tour bus is approaching the Sierra Blanca checkpoint in West Texas—the one already famous for popping both Snoop Dog and Willie Nelson—DITCH YOUR FELONY SHIT. I'm looking at you Fiona Apple. Just because nobody cares about your music when not accompanied by American Apparel ads doesn't absolve you of following basic stoner security—like not carrying hashish in Texas (which is an automatic felony) and not storing it in your personal kit where police dogs can easily find it. Seriously, it's a tour bus, those things are like 40 feet long, there wasn't anywhere else you could have thought to stash it? [420 Times]


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Seriously, I love her music, but her managers should be aware of obvious things and warn the bus driver to run a clean house. (And by that I mean, make sure stash is both hidden and not smellable.)