Barcelona in the Summer

Take a tour of Spain's second largest city with this incredible timeshift video from Pau García Laita. [LikeCool]

Snoop & DeStorm - Pocket Like It's Hot

This is the title track on Western Civilization's slow death soundtrack.

Watch Water Droplets Hypnotically Bounce in Super Slo-Mo

Bloooooooooop [It's OK to Be Smart]

Illustration for article titled The Stoner Channel: Bouncing Water, The Ramones Are Alive, and Snoop Dogg Pockets Like Its Hot

Texas Cops Find Weed on Nelly's Tour Bus

The Sierra Blanca checkpoint strikes again. Not one month after Fiona Apple got popped at the infamous security stop, Texas authorities discovered marijuana and a firearm on board rapper Nelly's bus. Luckily, Nelly isn't dumb enough to hide his stash in his own kit (looking at you Fiona) and instead has people for that. A member of Nelly's crew copped to owning the gun and weed and was subsequently arrested. Nelly and the rest of his entourage were set free. [420 Times - Image: reeb0k2008 / Flikr]

Ramones - It's Alive (The Rainbow) 1977

14 songs in 26 minutes, sounds about right.


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