The Stoner Channel: Do the Cruise, THC Man Sodas, and Hollywood's Best Threats

Tom Cruise is dancin', Dancin', DANCIN'!

For a nutter, he's sure got some smooth moves.


This Colorado Edibles Company Is Getting Ready for a National Debut

If you live in a Green State (one allowing MMJ), you are in for a treat. Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, the Colorado-based purveyors of Dixie Elixers—think an Izze with THC—is hashing out a $1.45 million national licensing agreement that will bring its pot-laced baked goods to dispensaries around the country.


"For a patient coming in who has never used marijuana before, they might be very open to that kind of (edible) delivery mechanism," Robert Frichtel, managing partner of Medical Marijuana Business Exchange, a Teller County-based consulting firm, told the Daily Democrat. "There are a significant portion of people using marijuana for medical reasons where it's not desirable for them to smoke it." Residents of Arizona, California and D.C. should see Dixie's products on store shelves year's end. Can't wait to try them.[Daily Democrat - Image: Oregon Commentator]

How to Properly Hurl an Threat

Tips and tricks for the up and coming Internet troll.

Tom Ammiano's MMJ bill Passes the California Assembly

California's prop 215 was a watershed bill, paving the way for legal medical marijuana distribution in the Golden State, though it was not without its fair share of omissions and loop holes. However, a new bill put forth by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, AB2312, would establish a nine-member panel charged with registering and overseeing all collectives, cultivators, delivery services and producers in the state. What's more, the bill requires municipalities to allow at least one dispensary per 500,000 residents—which should render LA's recent county-wide ban on pot shops to bed. If a community is really dead-set against a dispensary, they do still have the option of directly voting to ban it via the polls. This won't likely have any effect at the national level (as if the Feds gave two shits about state rights to begin with) but is a positive step towards normalizing and regulating weed in a responsible manner.[Marijuana]


Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Reading the Star Wars Screenplay Will Blow Your Mind

This is so good, I had to put my pipe down and back up off it.


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