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The Stoner Channel: Fake Hulks, Pruning Tips, and New Hampshire's Nearly There

Django Unchained

Woooot, new Tarantino flick—and damn does it look good! November can't come soon enough.

How They Shot the Hulk's Avengers Fight Scenes

Mr. Piccolo, is that you?

Illustration for article titled The Stoner Channel: Fake Hulks, Pruning Tips, and New Hampshires Nearly There

New Hampshire Sends MMJ Bill to Veto-Inclined Governor

New Hampshire's Senate Bill 409 finally passed both houses yesterday and is now sitting on Governor John Lynch's desk for his approval. Which may or may not come.


"Most senators now agree we have a moral obligation to protect seriously ill patients from being arrested in our state," said Sen. Jim Forsyther (R-Stafford). "There is no excuse for maintaining criminal penalties against patients in our state when Vermont, Maine, and 15 other states have created exceptions under state law for medical use. New Hampshire truly deserves better, and if there's any way to get SB 409 passed into law, I will continue doing my best to make that happen."

The House has already voted overwhelmingly in favor of the bill earlier this year but the Senate has been unable to gather the 16 necessary votes to override a gubernatorial veto (they only got 13) so the decision still rests ultimately with Lynch—at least until the Senate can rustle up three more votes. [Stop the Drug War - Image: Alex]

Why Your Outdoor Garden Needs Pruning Too

Two words: camouflage.

Too. Fucking. Cute.

Until it gets big enough to eat you, of course.


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Yeah, they're great until they turn into this.