The British Were 'Shrooming back in the 18th Century

The guys over at Mindhack have uncovered the first recorded medical incident involving hallucinogenic mushrooms on the British Isle, way back in 1799. Here's an excerpt:

"Edward, one of the children (eight years old), who had eaten a large proportion of the mushrooms, as they thought them, was attacked with fits of immoderate laughter, nor could the threats of his father or mother refrain him. To this succeeded vertigo, and a great deal of stupor, from which he was roused by being called or shaken, but immediately relapsed. […] he sometimes pressed his hands on different parts of his abdomen, as if in pain, but when roused and interrogated as to it, he answered indifferently, yes, or no, as he did to every other question, evidently without any relation to what was asked. About the same time the father, aged forty, was attacked with vertigo, and complained that everything appeared black, then wholly disappeared"


That must have been fun. And by fun, I mean terrifying—like getting dosed without your knowledge or even being aware that LSD is a thing. [Mindhack - Image: The AP]

Gregory Isaacs - Live At Brixton Academy, 1984

You don't know who Gregory Isaacs is? For shame.


Growstone Unveils a Newer, Better, Greener, Hydroponic Medium

The guys over at Big Buds take the recently-released Growstone Hydroponic Substrate for a spin and come away fans:

Growstone Hydroponic Substrate is a highly porous, chemical and toxin-free hydroponic medium comprised of discarded glass. The medium is lightweight and dust-free, which makes it a pleasure to work with when compared to other hydroponic substrates. While most single ingredient substrates maximize either aeration or moisture retention, Growstone Hydroponic Substrate is designed to maintain a proper air and water balance in the root zone.

The combination of large and small pores is what makes Growstone Hydroponic Substrate so ideal for hydrogardening. In fact, Growstone Hydroponic Substrate holds 67% more water and 12% more air than standard clay pebbles (hydroton). In addition to its amazing air and water holding capability, Growstone Hydroponic Substrate's unique composition releases plant absorbable silica throughout the plant's life cycle. Silica is very important to the strength and structural integrity of the cell walls within a medical marijuana plant.


What's more, the material is harvested in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly fashion than alternative materials. [Big Buds]

All The Magic of Harry Potter, None of the Talking

Every movie over 90 minutes should have a condensed version for the TL;DR crowd.


Chemists Outrun Laws in War on Synthetic Drugs

It's fairly safe to say that the war on drugs is a bust. Wired explains why. [Wired - Image: Matto Fredriksson/Flickr]