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The Stoner Channel: High Dogs, Psychedelic Science, and Pearl Jam Goes Black for the First Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

CO Tokers Can't Stop Stoning Dogs

PSA for all Denver area stoners: Yes Half Baked was a great movie. No, the part where Killer gets high goes flying was not real—doesn't matter how badly you want it to be. So you really need to stop giving your dogs weed and throwing them out of windows. Oh, you're not hucking them from upper-story apartments? Great, you're halfway there. [WPD]

A $10,000 Jurrassic Park Pipe. But Why?

This incredible recreation of the Ranger Rover from the 1993 film comes from the workshop of Adam Whobrey and ELBO. The pipe itself runs from the SUV's engine bay up (with a poppable hood) through the roof's removable light rack. And it costs $10,000. Ten grand. For a pipe. It's beautiful, sure, but for that sort of money you can get a car that doesn't shatter when dropped. [NerdApproved]


How LSD Works

Puff the Mutant Dragon takes us on a magically educational carpet ride of the chemistry and history of the potent hallucinogen. [Puff the Mutant Dragon]


Research Suggests Psychedelics Could Treat Depression

New research into the effects of hallucinogens like LSD and MDMA on PTSD and traumatic memories are showing surprisingly positive results. 26-volunteer study produced as part of a Channel 4 documentary, Drugs Live, administered wither a tab of E or a tab of placebo then subjected the patient to a CAT scan. The research team found that MDMA activated parts of the brain associated with positive memory recollection while numbing activity in the regions associated with negative memories.


This could lead to new treatment options for people suffering from mental traumas. "People become very emotionally tender on Ecstasy, which makes you more responsive to psychotherapy," said Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, member of the Drugs Live research team. Well, they don't call it Ecstasy for nothing. [Telegraph - mikeledray / Shutterstock]

Pearl Jam - Black (Seattle, 1990)

Reputedly from their very first show ever—Off the Ramp in Seattle all the way back in 1990—Pearl Jam already is already rocking their signature sound and many of the hits that vaulted them to international rock fame. Check out the rest of the concert set here.