The Stoner Channel: Hydro Cloning, Chronic Chewing, and Thieving Bears

The Unconscious Homeless Man

You don't even want to know what the raccoons did to him after the bear was done.

Cloning: The Hydroponic Method

Growing weed from seeds is a pain. For all the extra time and effort it requires, you still aren't guaranteed to come out with a female plant. That's why cloning is so useful—you know exactly what kind and what sex plant you're going to get. As such, the folks over at Growing Marijuana have put together this handy PSA. [420 Times]


"Baby Got Back" - The Movies

Well yeah, of course Sir Mix A Lot's rhymes can only matched by the combined lyrical powers of Hollywood. Why else do you think he was knighted?

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Hey Bart! Medical Marijuana's Back—in Chewing Gum Form!

Think of CanChew as nicotine gum for chronic pain. Developed by CanChew Biotechnologies of the Netherlands and distributed by San Diego-based hemp producer Medical Marijuana Inc, CanChew is formulated to deliver pain-killing cannabinoid compounds without causing the associated high—much like that joyless weed developed by Israeli scientists a few months back. It reportedly relieves moderate chronic pain, cramping, and nausea.

"The delivery of these hemp extracts via the oral mucosa provides for rapid and near complete absorption directly into the body's systemic circulation… The cannabinoids in CanChew are also processed with the saliva during the chewing process. Cannabinoids then enter the digestive tract and are processed in a slower, less aggressive manner. This gives the user a time-release factor, which allows for benefits of the CanChew gum to extend for several hours… I think we have developed a revolutionary product…We're just tapping the possibilities for cannabinoids in chewable form. The opportunities are limitless at this point," said Dr. George Anastassov, the director of CanChew Biotechnologies.

The gum is currently being prepped for a limited release in "select states" while CanChew Biotech readies clinical studies throughout Europe to demonstrate its effectiveness. [Big Buds - Image: Andre Blais / Shutterstock]


Korehira Watanabe: Maker of Impossible Swords

Watch as the practitioner of a fading art seeks to craft a sword that has long been lost to history. [Makezine]




Okay, we're back in business baby! There's no doubt now that this original version of TSC is the better one.