The Stoner Channel: Making Guns, Blowing Glass, and the Kids Aren't Alright

This Is How Pipes Are Born

See, when glass and a fire love each other very much...

The process of crafting a new piece, as the guys from MetaMorphosis Glass are doing, is strangely hypnotic.

My first time robotripping!

I know what I'm doing this weekend, TRIPPIN' BALLS. Seriously though kids, it's not that tough to find weed these days.

How Guns are Made: One at a Time (1969)

Nothing says loving from the oven like a HANDCRAFTED KILLING MACHINE. Seriously though, it's absolutely fascinating how many other technologies go in to making just this one product.


Kids Now Smoke More Weed Than Cigarettes

According to the CDC, some 23 percent of high schoolers admit to having toked recently, compared to just 18 percent that had smoked a butt. Well, it's a start at least. [AP]

Audio Drugs Are the Biggest Load of Shit

It's music that gets you high—much like smoking a joint and putting on some Zeppelin. Again, it's really not that tough to find weed in your town.


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