Muhammad Ali Wanted to Whup Some Ass on Mars

Muhammad Ali is regarded as both one of the most dominant heavyweight fighters of all time and as one of the most prolific and gracious envoys boxing—or really any sport—has ever seen. For example, in 1966, 17-year-old reporter Michael Aisner approached the champ for a interview on his high school radio show—and got it. Ali's charisma is evident as he explained how he planned to travel to Mars and fight the Martian Champ for the "Universal Title." He probably would have won too.


Cheese Monster? CHEESE MONSTER!

Nothing soothes the savage beast like a good, smoky, Gouda.


The Timely Death of the Dutch "Weed Pass"

Cannatourists rejoice! The controvertial "weed pass" program—the one that would require Dutch citizens to register with the government before purchasing herb from Amsterdam coffee shops and bar foreigners from doing so entirely—looks to be a wash. It was originally pitched by conservative VVD party and set to take effect January first, however, the VVD lost its ass in the last election. The newly installed Labor government, on the other hand, is far more lenient with regards to cannabis and has effectively killed the "Weed Pass" bill in its current form. That's not to say the two sides aren't actively working on a compromise agreement but as it stands now, locals and tourists alike will be able to continue toking freely. [StoptheDrugWar]


Did the DEA Know Marijuana Was Harmless All Along?

There was quite the public outcry when the US Government first put cannabis on Schedule 1, so then-president Richard Nixon set about a hand-picked team, known as the Chaefer Commission, to study the effects of cannabis for potential health dangers that would validate the government's position. Well, two years later, the commission had yet to find substantial factual basis for these claims. But that didn't stop Nixon, not in the least. Check out the rest of this rivitting piece of political intrigue over at Cannabis Now. Image: / Shutterstock

Carl Sagan on the Planet of Meat

This spectacle of nature is located in the Nom Nebula.