Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pistoia Italia 1988

Yup, He's still got it too.


Collate - Sarah Beeby

I challenge you to make heads or tails of this promo piece for piece the Frame at Frieze Art Fair created by London-based artist Sarah Beeby. [Cartoon Brew]

Inception in Real-Time

Well that certainly clears things up. Videographer Weikang Sun breaks down the relative speeds of Inceptions five levels of conciousness in just four and a half minutes.

Why You Shouldn't Open the Door for the Cops—Like, EVER

The "Knock and Talk" is a classic police trick. They knock on the door, you open it, they claim to smell weed (even if they don't) and—bing, bang, boom—probable cause to enter and poke around. This is some bullshit according to former narcotics officer Barry Cooper. Watch as he explains your rights when it comes to who does and doesn't enter your domicile. Note to self: screaming, "If you Pigs want in, you'll have to huff and puff and blow the house down" is neither historically accurate nor an effective deterrent. [420 Times]

How to Be High at Work—and Occassionally Get Away with It

Even if your boss is Bill Lumbergh, you've got to keep your game tighter than this stooge, otherwise it's a trip to HR and before you know it, you're pissing into a cup. [High Times]