Eclectic Method - Bill Murray

Celebrate Bill Murray's heroic decision turn down the inevitable clusterfuck that will be Ghostbusters 3 with this supercut of his most beloved performances.[Buzzfeed]


Rio Drug Dealers Say No to Crack

Crack cocaine is more trouble than its worth—for the user, for the larger society, and in Brazil at least, for the dealers themselves. In the six years that the highly-addictive crystalline form of cocaine hit the streets, "Crack has been nothing but a disgrace for Rio. It's time to stop," an unnamed drug boss told the AP. Check out the rest of this fascinating about face by the cartels, despite the huge profits and steady customer supply crack provides, here. [Fox News Latino via 420Times - Image: The AP]


Lil' Boy Bunyan - Kyle Couture

Searching for you childhood hero is all fun and games until someone throws you into a pile of used syringes. [Cartoon Brew]


Confessions of a Beginner Marijuana Grower

Big Buds takes a brief look at just some of the things that can go wrong when growing outdoors. The moral of story: suck it up and buy a hydro kit. [Big Buds - Image: The AP]


5 Tricks The Pros Use For Getting Better Yields Using Supplemental CO2

And if you do decide to grow indoors, you might as well spring for a CO2 system while you're at it. Plants pull in atmospheric CO2 as part of the carbon cycle and savvy growers know that supplemental carbon dioxide can help boost plant productivity. The folks over at Big Buds have assembled five handy tips for maximizing yields with a bit of hot air. [Big Buds - Image: Reader Ian R]


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