Rhythm & Blues Revue

This variety show, filmed at the Apollo Theater in NYC, showcases some of R&B's pioneering artists including Bill Bailey, inventor of the Moonwalk. What, you thought Michael Jackson invented that?

Fantastic Family Feud Failures

Still not as bad as dropping the N-bomb on Wheel of Fortune.

Space Pioneers

The fact that, in the course of less than a century, humanity has advanced from staring into the night sky to travelling through it is simply mind-boggling. To celebrate this momentous advance, check out this mashup of NASA footage set to Walt Whitman's "O' Pioneers" by YouTuber JankAround. [It's Okay to Be Smart]


Richard Branson on Weed

Sir Richard breaks down why marijuana legalization is in everybody's best interest—Democrats and Republicans alike. That best interest, of course, being a shit-ton of cash:

The U.S. currently spends no less than $51 billion — per year — on the war on drugs. That's double what Apple profited last year. It's a horribly depressing number when you think how far even a fraction of that money would have gone if invested in prevention and rehabilitation efforts. With so much rhetoric on the economy in this election year, it is startling that no one has looked to drug reform to unlock resources.



Danny Macaskill - Inspired Bicycles

Watch as one of the world's best freeriders perform some two-wheeled Parkour.


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