The Stoner Channel: Two Really Smart Dead Guys, One Really Pretty Dead Lady, and Detroit's Going Legal

Nikola Tesla - Master of Lightning

The shocking true history of the man who invented electricity!


The SEC doesn't Care if You Smoke Weed as Long as You Score A Lot

In a completely unshocking discovery, the Associated Press is reporting that schools in the SEC—the Big Daddy of collegiate sports—are frequently under-reporting marijuana violations by their student athletes and administer exceedingly light punishments when those infractions occur.


Of the 11 schools polled (Vanderbilt abstaining), virtually all of them allowed multiple re-do's when drug tests came back positive—some schools allowing up to five. And, rather than the mandatory suspensions that the NCAA hands down during their investigations, these in-house drug tests often resulted in wrist slaps like community service or a loss of free tickets for family.

Luckily, the SEC administrators are really serious about cracking down on it. From WTVD:

SEC commissioner Mike Slive said a conference-wide standard has been discussed at least twice during his 10-year tenure but that league members have opted against one to this point.

Drug testing was briefly discussed at the SEC meetings this week in Destin, Fla. Presidents and athletic directors agree action needs to be taken and say it will be a priority at their meetings in October once they have gathered more conference-wide data.


As you can see, they'll get right on it—just as soon as they finish counting their piles of Scrooge McDuck money. Image: Ian R

Judy Garland - Thousands Cheer

See kids? When you have what's known in the industry as actual "musical talent," AutoTune is redundant!


Detroit's Gonna Vote on Legal Weed

Detroit could get a lot more green by the end of summer. According to The Detroit Free Press, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled Friday to allow a public referendum on legalizing Marijuana—up to an ounce, on private property, held by adults over 21. The ruling came after nearly two years of legal wrangling. The issue will be put up for a vote on August 7th. Image: Alex

Einstein for the Masses

This smart guy explains the work of an even smarter guy in a way that any dumbass can understand.


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