Fright Night 2: Resurrection

In conversation with Syfy Wire, Tom Holland (not the actor) provided an update on the sequel to his 1985 film, Fright Night, said to completely ignore both its 1988 follow-up and the 2011 remake.

I’m still trying, I’m writing a sequel to Fright Night now....I’m calling it Fright Night 2: Resurrection. Well, it’s the only way to protect myself: If you wanna see something done right, do it yourself. Of course, Charlie’s back, and so is Evil Ed. I’m bringing back everybody I can. I’m calling it Resurrection because we’ve got to resurrect Billy Cole and Jerry Dandridge. And now I’ll say no more.


Out Come the Wolves

IFC has acquired Out Come the Wolves, the latest film from Backwoods and Pyewacket director Adam MacDonald. Starring Missy Peregrym and Joris Jarsky, the story follows “a woman who brings her male best friend to meet her fiancé at her family’s secluded family cabin in the woods. As tensions grow between the two men, they set off into the wild on a deer hunt, before a pack of ravenous wolves forces them to face the darkest side of nature.” [Screen Daily]


No Time to Die

In conversation with GQ, Rami Malek stated his villainous character, Safin, will have audiences questioning the nature of evil.

When I think about Safin I think about someone who is meticulous but measured, and there is something about that that is really unnerving and unsettling. He’s someone that at times I feel gives you the sensation that you’re being watched and that again is quite unsettling. He asks you to question what you think is right, what you think is wrong and is your interpretation of those two things as accurate as it seems to be.

I think you start asking questions about what evil is. And with this character especially I find him fascinating because he can detach from empathy in order to meticulously carry out his will and I start to wrap myself up in who that person is psychologically.

He’s ruthless and that might be – I’m in danger of giving too much away here – a result of something that’s happened to him. but even acknowledging that taps into the analytical side of him as well. I think the fact that he can still find a way to appreciate his own evil is something that is quite petrifying and psychologically something that was not easy for me to tap into.



A blind man gets a new pair of goat’s eyes in a clip from Spell, available today on VOD. We also have a review right here.

Anything for Jackson

An elderly couple turns to the dark arts to resurrect their dead son in the trailer for Anything for Jackson.

Don’t Click

Valter Skarsgård (of the Skarsgård clan) is teleported to a Saw-esque torture parlor when he clicks on a haunted pop-up pornography ad in the trailer for Don’t Click.

Alien Xmas

We also have a trailer for the Chiodo Bros. animated Christmas special, Alien XMas.

Brave New World

According to Deadline, Peacock has canceled Brave New World after one season.

What If?

Lovecraft Country composer Laura Karpman has been hired to score Marvel’s upcoming What If? series at Disney+. [Variety]


Tiny Toons

According to Cree Summer on Twitter, Elmyra will not feature in the upcoming Tiny Toons reboot.


The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Amidst a world-ending zombie pandemic, the teens decide to play Truth or Dare in the synopsis for, uh, “Truth or Dare,” the seventh episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

The group searches for something that will help their quest; the teens play a game of truth or dare.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is starring Alexa Mansour as Hope Bennett, Nicolas Cantu as Elton Ortiz, Hal Cumpston as Silas Plaskett, Aliyah Royale as Iris Bennett, Annet Mahendru as Huck , Nico Tortorella as Felix Carlucci and Julia Ormond as Elizabeth Kublek


[Spoiler TV]

Fear the Walking Dead

An explosion brings June and Virginia together in the synopsis for “Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg,” the sixth episode of Fear the Walking Dead’s sixth season.

An explosion puts June and Virginia on a collision course with each other.

Fear the Walking Dead is starring Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia, Maggie Grace as Althea, Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Danay Garcia as Luciana Galvez, Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie, Austin Amelio as Dwight, Alexa Nisenson as Charlie, Jenna Elfman as Naomi, Karen David as Grace and Ruben Blades as Daniel Salazar.


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Moonbase 8

The crew is forced to quarantine in the synopsis for “Quarantine,” the November 22 episode of Moonbase 8. Head over to Spoiler TV for images.

When Cap and Skip both get sick it leads to vastly different quarantine experiences for each of them. Rook is left alone with a new female member of the team. When he finds himself attracted to her, he’s forced to confront his feelings and must decide whether to act on them.


His Dark Materials

Will makes a plan with Lyra in the synopsis for “Tower of the Angels,” the December 7 episode of His Dark Materials.

Will (Amir Wilson) and Lyra (Dafne Keen) make a plan, unaware of the dangers or the cost involved.

Written by Jack Thorne and Namsi Khan; directed by Leanne Welham

[Spoiler TV]

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai

Variety has our first look at Netflix’s upcoming Gremlins animated series.

Image for article titled The Suicide Squad’s John Cena Spinoff TV Series Gains Another Familiar Face
Photo: Warner Bros.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Finally, Nickelodeon has released a teaser for the second season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, starring Bryce Gheisar, Arujun Athalye, Beatrice Kitsos, Malia Baker, Dominic Mariche, and Parker Queenan as the all-new Midnight Society.

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